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Individual Psychotherapy


You have to face the dragon to slay the dragon.—Anonymous


Mental illness is real and operates on a spectrum. While it is normal to feel some anxiety or feel down occasionally, sometimes anxiety becomes excessive or feelings of depression start to become more difficult to pull out of. Just as we see a medical doctor when we are not feeling well physically, it is helpful to see a mental health professional when we are not feeling well emotionally.


When situations we encounter stir up unresolved anxieties and conflicts, life can seem almost unbearable. At these times, it is only natural to adopt strategies that we hope will minimize our suffering. For example, we might avoid risks, determine that we are the problem, or over accommodate others hoping that this will relieve some of the pain.


While these strategies can be helpful in the moment, they can cause further problems down the road if they become habitual. When we try to avoid difficult emotions, we deprive ourselves of the lessons, healing, and power that can come from them. Instead of facing life with creativity

and confidence, we respond the way we did in a moment of feeling overwhelmed with insecurity or self-doubt.


Individual counseling can help you find greater satisfaction in life by helping you face, overcome, and be transformed by the adversities and circumstances of your life. Therapy can be short or long term and can be directed at any obstacle, small or large that is affecting your quality of life. Positive outcomes of therapy can include being able to work more productively and love more fully.


Don’t let who you used to be stop you from who you can become. Begin the journey to enjoying greater mental health today. Life can be more!









Marriage Counseling


Sometimes, the stress of daily living, trauma, an important transition, or an affair can result in painful relating to the person you were once in love with.  Frequent conflicts can arise over money sex, chores, parenting, extended family, etc.  Or, on the other hand, you may find yourself or your partner pulling away.


Professional relationship counseling can help you to tap into inner resources and produce creative solutions to your problems.  Improving your relationship can help you feel more satisfied with life and more stable emotionally.


In Couples Counseling, I will meet with both of you at the same time, usually for 50 minutes, once a week.  Once we identify the patterns that you would like to change, we can work through and modify them.  Harmful repetitive patterns can be interrupted.  You can begin working together and be “in love” again.


I bring my own life experience (over three decades of marriage) as well as extensive relationship training to help you find and modify underlying issues which may be preventing you from having the relationship you desire.







Family Therapy


Family problems can appear in even the healthiest of families.  One reason for this is that our most intense emotions can get triggered in the family setting.  Although there are many pressures on families, we also know what contributes to healthy family functioning.  When the family unit is working well, it can be a source of tremendous support for each member of the family.


In Family Therapy, we can come to a better understanding of your family’s needs and how to best meet those needs.  This type of therapy is usually brief as we utilize the input of everyone in the family.  Involving the strengths of all family members can create many opportunities for healing and change.  Even if one member of the family is struggling more than the others, those problems can be understood within the context of the family.





Anxiety Disorders


To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.  —Bertrand Russell


Have you ever thought about how anxiety affects your life? Some common symptoms of people who struggle with excessive anxiety are


• constantly worrying


• feeling restless


• on edge


• irritable


• weak all over and tired out


• uncomfortable in social situations


• muscle tension


• being preoccupied


• having obsessive thoughts


• difficulty sleeping


• difficulty focusing/concentrating


• experiencing panic attacks


• holding high expectations and finding it difficult to feel good about efforts expended


• having recurrent nightmares


The good news is that with therapy, these types of symptoms can be greatly reduced. As you come to a better understanding of yourself, improve your relationships, and develop healthier coping processes, symptoms of excessive anxiety can be reduced to a more tolerable level. Begin the journey to becoming more calm and peaceful today. Life can be more!





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